Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Etoudi: a constitutional revision suggested to Paul Biya

Mr. President of the Republic,

Beyond our regular political differences, I would be intellectually unjust not to recognize that at certain moments in our history, you took courageous decisions against those who advised you the logic of political inconsistency. 

This is the case in 1990 when after intense uprisings, strong street demonstrations, civil disobedience aimed at the establishment of a multiparty system, you decided to take the caciques of your party, the Rdpc, under the leadership of the late Monsieur Basile EMAH. 

You then decided to give this people what they wanted: the reinstatement of the multiparty system that had been abolished in the 1960s. 

Sunday, February 09, 2020, the Cameroonian people no longer took to the streets as in 1990 to obtain a multiparty system, they stayed at home, boycotting according to many credible sources, both national and international, at almost 80% , the combined legislative and municipal elections. 

This boycott is a strong popular protest on the functioning of our institutions, even of the governance of the country that we should not overlook.

Cameroonians have overwhelmingly disapproved, an election that would still promote the members of your party, the Rdpc. 

They no longer want the Rdpc and those of the presidential majority continue to manage its affairs on its behalf. 

Unlike many Cameroonians, I would not ask for your resignation, because you currently enjoy the aura necessary to peacefully lead the political transition of our country by giving the Cameroonian people what they need most: democracy. 

As in 1990 with the multiparty system, now give democracy to your people. 

To this end, I suggest that you organize a referendum for the adoption of a new constitution which will focus on: the adoption of a new electoral system, the establishment of the post of the post of Vice-President of the Republic , constitutional successor and of a new form of the State, by consecrating federalism.

At the end of this constitutional reform, you will therefore have to set up: 

1- A government of national unity. 

This government of 25 to 30 members will have the mission within 02 years of organizing the election of the Vice President of the Republic, new legislative and municipal elections, and, in 03 years that of the governors and federated assemblies of new Federated states depending on whether the Cameroonians have decided on the number of states. 

If you feel driven by a real desire to complete our transition, you could organize, immediately after the establishment of new institutions, early presidential elections in which you may decide not to stand. 

Mr. President of the Republic, you must above all avoid installing at the National Assembly and in our town halls these illegitimate elected officials, who came from the ballot boxes on February 09, 2020.

They do not represent the Cameroonian people, although they are legal. 

By doing so, you risk being deaf to the deep expectations and aspirations of this people, spoiled by the indifference that began to express itself in silence through this historic boycott. 



Journalist: the fourth power