Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Emmanuel Macron's Video: “France is an essential partner. Not Macron" Jean de Dieu Momo

Emmanuel Macron's controversial video continues to elicit reactions and comments. The Minister for Justice fired on the activist Calibri Calibro.

In addition, on Facebook account, Jean De Dieu Momo ensures that France remains "great friendly country" of Cameroon. However, he describes Macron's “aggressive” comments “likely” to compromise the excellence of relationships. Also, he assures that Cameroon's “essential” partner is France, not Emmanuel Macron.

“Let us be clear: we have nothing against France which is and remains a great friendly country. On the other hand, we are against the aggressive remarks of an individual likely to compromise the excellent relations beneficial to our two countries. France is an essential partner. Not Macron”, writes Jean De Dieu Momo.

The Cameroonian government reacted to Emmanuel Macron's remarks. The government has strongly condemned the words of Calibri Calibro. 
On Monday evening, the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon, via a press release, rejected Macron's remarks.

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