Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Electoral violence: vague about the death of 3 people in Foumban

With at least three dead on the floor, the locality of Koupa Matapit located in the suburbs of Foumban (Department of Noun) was the scene of a particularly violent scene during the combined municipal and legislative elections of February 09, 2020.

People who are literally being cut with a machete by individuals in a village in front of a howling assembly but who are not overly opposed to it, the scene filmed by several other individuals with their mobile phones. Images of obvious atrocity but which end up on social networks. 

According to several documented testimonies, our editorial staff confirms the death of at least three people, the vagueness still reigning over the conditions of the death of the fourth individual that some sources also implicate in this appalling scene. 

Our witnesses assure that the three murdered people (men of Muslim faith) would have been taken to task by their neighbors of the village for having urged the populations to vote for the lists of the CPDM their party (in power in Cameroon) in a department Secularly acquired from the UDC (Cameroon Democratic Union) led by Adamou Ndam Njoya, originally from the locality.

As incredible as it may seem, in front of the crowd gathered in a village square, the three unfortunate activists were allegedly taken out of their homes and killed with machetes, without further ado. Their remains were also buried this Monday, February 10, 2020 according to Muslim rites. A fourth individual, for his part, was seriously injured in these scuffles before he too died of his injuries in the field where he had taken refuge. 

Clashes during the political deadlines are legion in this department since the return of democracy in Cameroon in 1990 and especially since Adamou Ndam Njoya, cousin of Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya the current Sultan of Bamoun contests to the latter his accession to the throne and that they are opposed in politics, one founder of the SVP and the other, influential member at the highest level of the CPDM.