Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Elections: Michelle Ndoki's apparently response to Grégoire Owona

It was on her return from the journey to the Far North, very precisely in the city of Tokombere, leaving from Douala, that Michèle Ndoki asked herself, to lend herself on Diaf Radio, to our game of questions and answers.

She responds to Minister Grégoire Owona who had questioned the MRC on their decision to boycott the next electoral deadlines during his visit to Diaf Radio and comments on the PARIS meeting of his party, the MRC. 

She shares with us her view on the recent major current event, which rocked Cameroon following the death of the young math teacher from the Lycée de Nkolbisson.
She gives us her opinion on the conclusions still awaited, relating to the causes of the death of her colleague and elder, Me Sylvain Souop. Watch the video below;

Source: Camer.be