Saturday, February 1, 2020

Elections: the big mistake made by Senator Grégoire Mba Mba in Kribi

On January 25, at the launching meeting of the electoral campaign, the hate speech of the politician aroused the anger of the activists of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (CPDM).

Addressing the candidate leading the RDPC list in the municipality of Kribi 1er, Jean Pierre Salla, the senator said: "This little brother is responsible for his commitments. The CPDM did not worship him. He is Mabi and he will never be mayor in Kribi 1er (…) It is the Batanga town hall, so there will be a Batanga mayor ”. It was January 25 in Kribi in the South, when the CPDM campaign was launched, 

The daily Mutations reports that despite the presence of the president of the departmental campaign commission, Minister Jules Doret Ndongo, the senator continued in the same rant. Speaking this time of Lucien Piado, municipal councilor in the municipality of Kribi II, presented as the favorite in the election to the head of the next municipal executive. “Lucien Piado is a child. He has his ambitions, let him use it as he wants. But let him know that it's me who decides at Kribi II. He does not belong to the municipal executive; he is Batanga and Kribi II is for the Mabi, "pestered the senator. 

The newspapers which deal with this news indicate the speech of Grégoire Mba Mba - it should be underlined - president of the communal campaign commission in the district of Kribi II, aroused the anger of the militants. Hooted and called a "tribalist and dictator" during his speech.

Irritated, he interrupts his speech, invites his counterparts outside the room for a physical affront. Mutations said that it took the intervention of Minister Jules Doret Ndongo to calm the heat and bring everyone back to better feelings. “I would like to ask you to campaign in a team spirit. He will instruct his people to work in close rows, hand in hand. With attitudes and behavior free of hatred, bitterness, tribalism and withdrawal from identity. Avoid all forms of exclusion and hurtful words, “prescribed Jules Doret Ndongo. 

Before concluding: "Let us not mistaken for an adversary, let us not mistaken for a fight. Victory must be that of the party. That is what matters ".