Saturday, February 29, 2020

Dance of wizards around the president of the senate Niat Njifenji

The return to Cameroon of the president of the upper house of parliament Marcel Niat Njifendji did not delight all members of the CPDM. According to revelations from the L'Orphelin Journal of February 17, 2020, many no longer expected the return of Marcel Niat Njifendji who was seriously ill and long absent from the political scene.

Since his return to Cameroon, "it is the midnight masses that follow one another," the newspaper tells us. The position of the second personality of Cameroon would be so coveted to the point where President Marcel Niat Njifendji would think of throwing in the towel in order to offer himself a nice retirement. 

"The pressure seems to mount so much, so that according to certain information, President Niat wants to ask to be released because the noise around his return can precipitate his death," specifies the newspaper L'Orphelin.

Marcel Niat Njifendji is the first president of the upper house of the Cameroonian parliament. He was first appointed in 2013 by Paul Biya. Before his current functions, he was an engineer, mayor, deputy and minister under Biya. On March 14, 2019, he was re-elected head of the Senate at 84 years of age.