Saturday, February 22, 2020

Crimes in Noso: BBC investigation sheds light (video)

Faced with accusations and counter-charges against the perpetrators of the abuses in the English-speaking regions, the BBC conducted its investigation. The British media analyzed a set of videos on atrocities committed in English-speaking areas.

Faced with the misinformation that has become commonplace in the era of social networks, the BBC documentary has managed to confirm certain localities in the North West and South West. Better, in some videos, the BBC managed to confuse elements of the Cameroonian Army.

However on the government side, one does not seem to want to trust the images too much. The Yaoundé regime denies the involvement of loyalist soldiers in atrocities.

Abuses and other atrocities are also often the work of separatist armed groups. The BBC documentary makes it clear.

The images used in the BBC video are, however, shocking in many ways.

We offer you the full video below;