Friday, February 21, 2020

Crime in Noso: Rdpc makes another revelations and accuses

Deputy Rdpc in the National Assembly, he maintains that the ramdam made by certain actors is a cabal.

There is like an escalation of NGOs, foreign media and certain activists around the assassination of Ngarbuh. How do you react to this outcry of reactions? 

I would first like to say that this overbidding is much more like a cabal against our national defense forces. It is not something completely trivial. This is part of an enterprise to discredit and destroy the image of Cameroon at the international level. But also, it is a frantic search to divide Cameroonians. This is not at all a coincidence in the calendar. 

I would like to remind you that right now in Washington, NGOs and pharmacies in the pay of an opposition that seems to me less and less responsible, and who have joined both the Antisardinard Brigade (Bas) and the secessionists, maneuver with part of the American political class, in particular democratic elected representatives in the congress and part of the Trump administration. They are trying to impose a second level of sanctions on Cameroon. It is a gradual process that began with the suspension of Cameroon from Agoa. 

So what would be the second level? 

The second level today is to pass Cameroon for a country that does not respect human rights, whose army tortures, burns and kills other Cameroonians. It is in this company that they are at the moment, with the aim of restricting travel in Western countries to a certain number of high Cameroonian personalities. The third level of this cabal will be an attempt to have senior officials from here brought before the International Tribunal in The Hague. I think we are dealing with an opposition that likes to dream. You have to be careful. I think it was important that the public authorities, the national defense forces react with the greatest energy.

In recent weeks, we have nevertheless seen the Trump administration multiply “small gifts” in favor of Yaoundé, like the tripling of its aid in favor of the fight against HIV / AIDS in Cameroon ... 

I did not tell you that it was the United States government that was against Cameroon. I told you it's part of the Trump administration that our opponents are trying to convince. In this endeavor, they are helped both by NGOs, who are particularly in bad faith, by a part of the political class of elected democrats, but also by our compatriots in the Netherlands and some other activists of the anglophone crisis. All this is put together with the aim of ensuring that the Trump administration can adhere to their vision. That which will consist in condemning, restricting the circulation of high Cameroonian officials. Meetings have taken place in Washington, I cannot give you the details. 

Does Cameroon not give the stick to get hit? 

It is important that on our side, the government take strong positions like those that have been taken. But also, that all the work on the formal and informal diplomatic level be done to better explain that it is indeed a cabal and a manipulation. I think many of our opponents have stayed in the dream. They are waiting in the coming days for these decisions to be made. I think that if they manage to get through this second level of sanctions, which I doubt very much because the American government, beyond its sometimes partisan positions, knows more or less the situation in Cameroon, we would go to the third level , that is, complaints made by NGOs to international tribunals for crimes against humanity and war crimes.