Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Coronavirus: Ghana to extract citizens from Wuhan.. Why can't Cameroon do the same?

Right now in China there are no commercial flights. The governments of foreign countries take logistical action to bring their nationals back to their diverse countries.

In the same case, India has sent a special plane and extraordinary buses to extricate their nationals. The Government of Ghana at this time has welcomed Ghanaians to pay 5000 rmb each as a contributed 
commitment for the return to Ghana. 

A special plane will come within the hours to extricate the Ghanaians from this city of Wuhan. 

More than 168 Cameroonian nationals are very stressed and don't know what to do. Besides, a Cameroonian has as of now been contaminated for 2 days according to a clinic circular from China. 

I don't get it the laxity of the Cameroonian envoy and government. 

They endure in saying that no Cameroonian is infected. 

Are they holding up for everybody to be affected before reacting? Do we have the implies of rectification  (Treatment) available in case a large number of our compatriots is affected with this virus?

A lot of Cameroonian nationals in this city want to return and simply request that special arrangements be made. (Being each ready to pay the related costs).

But still, the government of Cameroon has done nothing for the safety of it's citizens in Wuhan city.