Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Cameroon: "What President Macron did to Mr. Biya is humiliation" Says Engelbert Lebon Datchoua

French President Emmanuel Macron did nothing but inflict a humiliation on Paul Biya. And beyond Paul Biya, it is a humiliation to all the Cameroonian people.

This is the reading of Engelbert Lebon Datchoua, member of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon. On the set of the program “Right of reply” on Equinoxe Tv, Engelbert Lebon Datchoua believes that Macron has flouted the dignity of Paul Biya.

For this official of the Mrc, it is a president who made 40 years in power who receives injunctions from his son aged about forty years.

"I immediately think of a famous Muslim philosopher Al Moutanabi who said:" Go get dignity in hell if necessary and refuse humiliation, even in paradise ". What President Macron did to Mr. Biya has no other word than humiliation. Humiliation and humiliation of a whole people also. There are times when we ask ourselves questions. We say Mister Biya, 40 years in power, Macron forty years of age, therefore receives injunctions from his son, was he the head of a state. But it is first of all his son ”, explains Engelbert Lebon Datchoua.
In addition, for this part of the Mrc, with the release of Emmanuel Macron, all the official explanations for the release of Maurice Kamto fell into the water.

"We are told over and over again with:" Oh Mister Kamto was released by the magnanimity of Mister Biya ". Others have even claimed that the release of Mr. Kamto was one of the first measures of the Grand National Dialogue. And today all of Cameroon, all Cameroonians, know where Mr. Kamto's release comes from, ”he maintains.

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