Sunday, February 16, 2020

Cameroon: the beautiful slap of the Ambassador of the USA to Atanga Nji

The Minister of Territorial Administration of Cameroon, Paul Atanga Nji, has had a taste of what will happen to him in case things collapse. The conman and ex-detainee responsible for the escalation of the southern Cameroon crisis was denied a US visa late last year when he wanted to visit his family, a source told the U.S. Embassy in Yaoundé at the Cameroon Concord News Group.

It is customary for the Cameroonian authorities to have Western country visas in their passports as a precaution in case things collapse, the source said. The head of the territorial administration, who told the Americans that they had no lessons for Cameroon, encountered a huge disappointment when the embassy rejected his visa application.

The embassy said it had not demonstrated that he would return to his country, and this rejection was made easier by the fact that Mr. Atanga Nji owns a huge house in Florida. Consular officials at the United States Embassy might have thought that the unpopular head of the territorial administration was simply looking for a way to blow up the city, while the government he served continued on its way until its end. . 

It should be recalled that senior officials, like the staff of international organizations, have diplomatic passports that allow them to travel freely when on official duty, but when traveling for personal visits, they must line up at the 

Mr. Atanga Nji's name features prominently on a list drawn up by the American administration for those responsible for the violence that is raging in the two English-speaking regions of the country. The source added that the government of Yaoundé is in panic mode and that each civil servant does what he can to get a visa in case things get worse. 

It should be recalled that the Trump administration has considered sanctions against certain representatives of the Cameroonian government following gross violations of human rights by the government in the two English-speaking regions and in the far north of the country where an insurgency of Boko Haram has become an excuse for the government to exterminate huge segments of its own population. 

Paul Atanga Nji is the second Cameroonian official who has been refused a visa at the U.S. Embassy since the start of the crisis in southern Cameroon and many government officials are on the alert as the Trump administration continues to call on the government to seek a peaceful outcome. of the crisis.

The late Patrick Ekema, the notorious mayor of Buea, faced the same situation and, according to our source at the Embassy of the United States, the disappointment at the embassy could have precipitated the death of the mayor of Buea who had dispatched his family in the United States and was looking to bring a girlfriend. 

It should be noted that Mr. Ekema's family now resides in Ontario, Canada, where they are seeking asylum. The family of six experienced a huge financial storm when the crooked and dishonest mayor died. He was using Buea City Council as an ATM to support his family in the United States, but when death struck, the tap was immediately turned off and the family toppled. The family's only saving grace was his request for asylum in Canada, which enabled him to obtain financial assistance from the government. 

Mr. Atanga Nji has been very concerned since he encountered this storm. In recent months, his attitude towards the crisis in southern Cameroon has changed. He watered down his language although he sent killers to the two English-speaking regions where a government-planned genocide was unfolding. 

He knows that the Americans and other western countries are watching him closely and that, if he has a problem, he could face Western sanctions and these sanctions are generally extended to other family members. 

Atanga Nji's daughter is currently attending an American institution in France and the family's objective is to take her to the United States to continue her studies where she could end up residing. It should be mentioned that she is not an American citizen and that in the event of sanctions, she could also be affected.