Friday, February 14, 2020

Cameroon: Again Paul Kagame sows fear in Etoudi

Maurice Kamto will be in conference next September in Kigali at the invitation of the Rwandan leader Paul Kagamé. Not understood by some, the Rwandan president to explain this invitation from the leader of the MRC in Kigali which weakens a little more a Paul Biya already tired enough.

If he has not directly named his octogenarian homologue who has led Cameroon for more than three decades, Paul Kagame has not gone by all the ways to say what he thinks of the endless reign of Paul Biya. "I just regret that after thirty years Cameroon has regressed a lot and it's a shame," said the strong man from Kigali. Admirative of Maurice Kamto, Paul Kagame continues: "We can hold a country with an iron fist but give the minimum to its people but that is not the case, why not give to those who can do better?"

Finally, on the invitation of Maurice Kamto, the Rwandan president, admiring, explains: "I decided to invite Maurice Kamto in September in Rwanda because for me he is an inspiration and worthy of being listened to ... Cameroon is lucky to have a man like Maurice Kamto, I know the man mainly by his brilliance. " "If he had been Rwandan I would have given him my seat without hesitation", he finished. A beautiful picnic at the place of Paul Biya who will surely appreciate.