Monday, February 3, 2020

Calixte Beyala To Maurice Kamto: "You Don't Deserve To Run A Country Like Cameroon"

To the gentleman who lost the elections in Cameroon and who wanted to hold up, a question: where were you when your little protege insulted me, called to rape me? Where were you when for a year he never stopped slandering me? I did not hear your voice as president of something bringing him to order, telling him that what he was doing was not up to standard.

I tell you the truth, I complained, all alone like the great Lady that I am! I filed my complaint alone, without being accompanied by any lawyer and I let justice take its course, without ever obstructing it in any way. The postponements are due to the turpitude of your own lawyers.

And I don't regret anything! I tell you in truth, dear sir so self-absorbed that he considers that the suffering of the other does not interest him: you do not deserve to run a country like Cameroon , because a man at the height of a leader would start by condemning insults, defamations, insults and slanders against a woman before speaking of other things. No, sir, no politician has helped me. In the same way that one day, alone, I obtained the conviction of France in France for not representing minorities, I obtained in Cameroon that your protege answers for his crimes before the courts...

Besides, you know it as well as I do that some of those whom you accuse of having helped me, are those who paid him to slander me! Good luck to you, oh little man! And your protégé will be free when the courts decide ... To conclude: you have an excellent strategy, because all the opponents who lose the elections in Africa, come to a meeting in Paris, it always works and very well.