Friday, February 28, 2020

Calibrogate: what Yaoundé wants to hide

Why the thunderous exit of the French president annoys the caciques of the Biya regime.

Last Saturday, at the opening of the Paris Agricultural Show, President Emmanuel Macron walks the stands. It is from time to time climbed by an exhibitor, even an activist strategically posted in the right place. And suddenly a voice, strident and insistent, called out to him several times. "Macron ... President Macron!" The French head of state, who heard the hoots. comes towards the impromptu, a good little nigga in a cap. 

In civilian life, his name is Thiam Abdoulaye, alias Caliber Calibri, also called "the child prodigy of resistance", one of the commanders of the Anti-Sardinard Brigade (BAS) who, for several months and all over Europe, have been chasing Paul Biya. "There is a genocide in Cameroon!" he starts to hang his venerable opposite. The presumed Cameroonian-Malian clearly alludes to the recent events in Ngarbuh near Ntoumbo in the Bui department (North-West), where he claims more than 20 civilians were massacred by the army. 

Small summary of the French President's reaction: 

“I put pressure on Paul Biya to deal with the subject of the English-speaking area and its opponents. I had told him that I did not want to receive him in Lyon until Maurice Kamto was released. And he was released because we put pressure. And there, the situation is deteriorating. 

"I'm going to call President Biya next week and there will be as much pressure as possible to put an end to this situation. I know totally aware and totally involved in the violence done in Cameroon which is intolerable! I'm doing the maximum.

“France is still caught in a complicated role-playing game in Africa. We are the rule of law, and we defend the rule of law everywhere. But when, in Africa, a French president says: "Such a leader is not democratically elected, the Africans say: 'What are you involved in, you have no lessons to give us!' 

“Everywhere, I want democratically elected leaders and, where presidents are not democratically elected, I will work with civil society. I work with the African Union and international organizations to put pressure. 

“When President Kabila was there, there were, like you, opponents in this country. We put the pressure on. We worked with several other presidents and we managed to have a political alternation to have President Tshisekedi. 

"On President Biya, I told him that he must open the game, he must decentralize, he must liberate political opponents. It must uphold the rule of law. I will do everything in my power to do so. I really want you to know, but it is not for France to make democracy in Cameroon in the place of Cameroonians. " 

This statement of two minutes was enough, Cameroon, to arouse indignation annealed.

Emmanuel Macron is, downright called "small pretentious". He is made into an inconsistent leader, who must not reveal the little secrets between heads of state in public. 

Here is what Aurore Plus, in a simplified way, thinks of this bizarre polemic: 

1- What Emmanuel Macron declares can only indignant the cantors of all-out mystification. In today's international relations, it is well known that exchanges between leaders are widely published and shared in the public domain 

2- Emmanuel Macron, with his temper, shows proof of courage and constancy, in his desire to cut the Gordian knot of Françafrique. He brings to light the content of his conversations with leaders on controversial or controversial subjects, knowing that he will never be denied in this exercise of truth. 

3- Repressive policy towards opponents the Yaoundé regime has been known, denounced and condemned for ages. The same is true of non-respect for human rights

4- Before the French head of state, there are many around the world, from the United States to the European Union via the United Nations or even Great Britain, who had openly called not only for the liberation of Maurice Kamto and other political adversaries, but also to the establishment of an inclusive dialogue for a peaceful exit from the English-speaking crisis. The power of Yaoundé never took this into account. No one can claim their own turpitudes 

5- In April 2019 the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs of the United States Tibor Peter Nagy Jr, declares: "After Sudan, my next concern is Cameroon and you know how I feel about hatred of violence there. Here, his hostility towards Biya power is beyond doubt. Nobody says anything 

6- Cameroon is, since January 1, 2020, suspended from the commercial advantages of the Law on growth and development opportunities in Africa (Agoa) of the United States. Thuriféraires of the mode make the round back. 

7- The Yaoundé regime, always quick to shout with indignation and to brandish sovereignty to get out of international pressures, isolates itself and marginalizes itself voluntarily by dint of thinking that it lives in an island of democracy 

8- If the Cameroon bothered to manage its own affairs with the constant concern of showing its white leg internationally, its president would not be thus spread over its inability to resolve its internal problems

This seems sufficient to us, under the outcry which is heard here and there, to put an end to a more than sterile controversy. The day that Cameroon knows how to manage its crises in due time, no one else will come to give it lessons in democracy or human rights. And we will be the first to defend this country that we love and cherish, but that the rulers have decided to reduce to dwarfism.