Tuesday, February 11, 2020

CAF: the report of the PwC that could cause heads to fall

With hindsight, we understand better the offensive speech of Gianni Infantino in Rabat, on the occasion of the study day on football infrastructure in Africa or at the AIPS congress in Budapest. During these two media outings, the FIFA boss fired red bullets at CAF and its management. This virulence of your almost unprecedented tone is indicative of the anger of the FIFA boss against the way in which Ahmad Ahmad manages CAF. The audit report of PwC on CAF, some extracts of which were published by the "New York Times", reveals the "embezzlement of millions of dollars".

Ahmad Ahmad, who had promised during his election in 2017 a great transparency operation within the CAF, finds himself in dirty sheets. The Malagasy was heard in July 2019 by the Central Anti-Corruption Office in Paris in the context of the case known as "Tactical Steel". What is it all about? It is a contract for an amount of $ 1.195 million signed by CAF with this French company, "Tactical Steel", so that the latter can supply balls, T-shirts and other sports equipment during the competitions. CAF. So far nothing abnormal. However, CAF already had a sponsorship contract with the brand "Puma". A contract canceled by Ahmad Ahmad unilaterally, knowing that the contract with Puma was to cost CAF only 312,000 euros. 

Admittedly, the boss of CAF emerged free from his hearing, but this affair is the beginning of the troubles for Ahmad Ahmad. Furious, Infantino placed CAF under the supervision of FIFA. He sent General Secretary Fatma Samoura to Cairo to lead a CAF financial audit mission. Six months later, the conclusions of the audit conducted by PwC were overwhelming if the "New York Times" is to be believed. The American publication revealed financial irregularities that amount to millions of dollars. This 55-page report paints a grim picture of CAF's financial management, including millions of dollars from the FIFA grant to help African football go into the pockets of some officials in the African football body. The report, according to the American newspaper..

The report also notes that many financial transactions rely on records that are not reliable because they were edited by hand. In addition, a pilgrimage trip to Mecca particularly appealed to listeners because of his impertinence and the funds that were mobilized. The acquisition of several luxury cars has raised questions from PwC experts. This report is blessed bread for critics of the Ahmad Ahmad administration. While waiting for the FIFA Congress, scheduled for early June in Addis Ababa, some heads could fall.

Source: camfoot.com