Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Cabral Libii and Cameroon Tribune settled dispute afterward

Our colleague Cameroon tribune gave the possibility to the president of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation to clarify the declaration which was at the origin of their misunderstanding.

This is an interview that appeared in the February 3, 2020 edition of Cameroon tribune. The president of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (Pcrn) Cabral Libii indicates that there was never any question of a presidential election during this period of the legislative and municipal campaigns. “We have in no way hinted at any nomination. We have said that we intend to continue what we started in 2018 and whose objective is to implement our social project ”, he declares. 

Taking advantage of the interview, Cabral returned to what makes up the Pcrn social project. “It can be summed up in this“ Cameroon which progresses and which releases energies ”. We do not lose sight of this objective. That said, if we are going to conquer the elective seats, we are asking for the votes of the electors for the communes, for the deputies, so that from there they can see our capabilities. So we consider these elective positions we are looking for as stepping stones where we will demonstrate what we have in terms of skills.

And that if we were elected President of the Republic, we would have no more difficulty in finding ministers and other directors general, since we will have had proof that we have competent human resources through the balance sheet garnered by the exercise local power or the power of proximity that one acquires by the legislative ones and the municipal ones ”, he declared. 

Recall that Cabral was angry with Cameroon tribune because of the remarks published in the edition of the newspaper of January 29, 2020 and which were attributed to him. “I am not campaigning for the legislative elections, but for the presidential one. But as before being president, you must first prove yourself at the town hall or in the National Assembly and why not be a minister, I am with you ”.

Source: 24cameroun.com