Sunday, February 2, 2020

Biya's chief of staff's wife 'smokes hemp and gets her self drunk all over the place'

The host of the program "Embouteillages" broadcast every morning on the radio channel Amplitude Fm, was imprisoned in the central prison of Yaoundé. He is accused of the acts of invasion of privacy, insults, blackmail and cybercrime committed against Mrs. Mvondo Ayolo née Sylvie Essono, wife of the Minister Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic.

The listeners of the radio channel Amplitude Fm, do not listen on January 17, the voice of the presenter of the show "Embouteillages" broadcast from 9 am Monday to Friday. And for good reason: the presenter of this radio program, Martinez Zogo is no longer free to move. The presenter was arrested in his office by gendarmes ten days ago when he was preparing to enter the studio in which he allegedly violated the private life of Ms. Mvondo Ayolo Sylvie. According to Kalara's sources, the presenter of "Embouteillages" declared that the wife of the minister director of the civil cabinet of the presidency of the Republic smokes hemp and gets drunk everywhere. He also stated that Ms. Mvondo Ayolo Sylvie uses traffic influence with the name of her husband. 

It was therefore following these various statements qualified as defamatory that the complainant filed a complaint before the public prosecutor's office of the Court of First Instance of Yaoundé center -administratif (TPI) at the same time as she seized the National Council of Communication (CNC). The investigations opened into this matter led to the arrest of Martinez Zogo by the gendarmes. After his arrest, he was taken to the State Secretariat for Defense (SED), then presented before the representative of the prosecution of the ICTY before being transferred to the central prison of Yaoundé Kondengui, on January 22.

Meanwhile, the respondent sent a letter of apology to Ms. Mvondo Ayolo Sylvie on January 19. Previously, the host of Amplitude FM made a noise during his emissions, the terms of a normal transaction of sale of a building which was carried out between Samuel Mvondo Ayolo and the National Social Insurance Fund (Cnps ). The malicious remarks of the media man made against the wife of the minister director of the civil cabinet would be a drop of water which would have overflowed the vase. 

Now Martinez Zogo, who is in detention, is awaiting trial in the coming days. According to Me Jules Anyuozoa, lawyer at the Cameroon bar: "He can be released either on bail or under guarantor, and his procedure follows its normal course. So, it can pass in free audience.. In the same procedure, the boss of amplitude FM is also sought. He is even the main suspect, "said the man in a black robe who spoke in local media.