Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Biya Speech to youth: a young man goes wild over Paul Biya in a letter

"Paul Biya if you like this country, leave power. You really have nothing more to bring to this mess. Cameroon has become a dumping ground, you hardly believe that we are in a normal country. Each year you create 500,000 jobs.

I wonder if we all live in this country. Even in France, last year we did not come close to 300,000 jobs. You are the poison that slowly, but slowly kills this youth. 

You're the cancer of this nation. We have to stop saying it's your entourage that's bad, you're worse than the plague. I wonder what those who follow your annual record expect from your vomit. On the contrary, you serve them repeatedly, the same bland and indigestible food.

Clear if you like this country. As long as you persist, you will drag this country into the abyss. You did not come into the world with the coffin of this country. Free us. 

We're tired. "

Journalist: Tgv of info