Sunday, February 9, 2020

Bibou Nissack's epic response to Paul Biya

The words of Paul Biya out of the polling station of the bilingual public school of Bastos do not please the "small parties".

A few hours after Paul Biya's provocative statements about the MRC and allies, Bibou Nissack stepped up to defend his political party. "Contempt is the mark of the" small "minds because the large resort to disdain. In addition, we do not speak of what is negligible ... if ever we do it is that this quantity is not as negligible let it be believed, quite the contrary!

However thank you for the advertisement "replied the spokesperson of the MRC dryly to Paul Biya.

As a reminder, the president of the republic clarified after having voted: "I have accomplished my duty as a citizen and I am happy about it. I take this opportunity to ask all my compatriots to do their duty by going to vote contrary to the calls to boycott of some small parties. "