Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Anti-Macron movement: The great bluff of Yaoundé

Ulcerated by the condescending remarks made last Saturday by the President of the Republic of France to the Head of State, Cameroonians united in an anti-Emmanuel Macron movement, organized a protest march yesterday Monday 24 February. Which caused traffic jams and traffic jams on the roads leading to the services of the French Embassy.

"I will call President Biya next week and we will put maximum pressure to end this situation." Like this extract, others delivered on Saturday February 22, 2020 at the Paris Agricultural Show, in response to a question from an activist from the Anti-Sadinard Brigade (Bas), provoked the ire of public opinion in Cameroon and elsewhere. Intolerable, unacceptable, inconceivable, unbearable...

The epithets jostle at the gate to express the indignation of Cameroonians following this tone of condescension from the French number 1 to its Cameroonian counterpart. Yesterday morning, February 24, 2020, half a thousand young people from associations in the seven districts of the city of Yaoundé stormed the services of the French Embassy.

They show their rage against those they call the contempt of France vis-à-vis Cameroon which is however a sovereign state. These young people sing and dance to the rhythm of the balafons. What do those who call themselves indomitable patriots claim? "We left because President Emmanuel Macro made malicious remarks and covered with contempt for his excellence Paul Biya who is the one who embodies the institutions of the Republic of Cameroon. He is our patriarch and the Cameroonian guide. To despise President Paul Biya despise all the Cameroonian people. We are here to mark our indignation ”, explains the National Coordinator of the collective“ Tous après Paul Biya ”, Mouhamadou Amidou.

Authorized event

It is a movement that aims to protect and perpetuate the image of President Paul Biya. "Today we are here to ask French President Emmanuel Macro that, if he does not make a speech asking for forgiveness, we will stay here for at least a week," he adds. These demonstrations are supervised by the police. No tear gas, riot trucks and batons.

The gendarmes, on the other hand, check the entrance to the embassy. Traffic is paralyzed, only demonstrators can circulate between the Atemengue plateau and Mobil Olézoa, to the dismay of motorists. On the signs and banners that they proudly brandish, one can read: "Flawless support for the republican institutions and those who embody them, HE Paul Biya. "

Or "France, why are you damaging my future by allowing the financing of terrorism in my country". Like "no to the Lybisation of Cameroon" and at the end "No pressure weighs on HE Mr. Paul Biya apart from atmospheric pressure". Asked if the demonstration was authorized, Mouhamadou Amidou is undecided. “Yes, we have had the authorization to demonstrate. The authorization in this case was issued by the sub-prefect of the district of Yaoundé III ”.

However, the exchange between President Macro and Calibri took place on Saturday in France. In Cameroon, the public administration does not operate on Saturdays and Sundays. How did he get the authorization? “We are legalists. The declaration was tabled two days ago ”. The event took place on Saturday. If he talks about two days, that means that he filed the request on Saturday February 22, 2020. Which is impossible.

“We are in a country of law. We must go and read the law on public demonstrations of 1990. We know how to seize the sub-prefect when there is a threat. The authorization is not in my hands, but it is in the hands of the leader of the association of young dynamic people in the district of Yaoundé II, ”he defends himself.

Okra for walkers

The second question relates to this spontaneous grouping of young people in front of the French embassy. An unprecedented fact that opens the boulevard to tons of questions. According to our surveys, these young people are mostly students of public universities in Cameroon. “I am a student at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Yaoundé II. Very early on, the president of the clubs and associations of the University of Yaoundé II brought us together. They told us that we are going to demonstrate in front of the French embassy today, ”confides a protester, anonymously.

When asked what they expect in return, he tells us that there are lists circulating. “You have to put your name on the list of protesters. After this march, the organizers will give us money, ”he replies. It is therefore easy to understand that, it is motivated by the greed that these pseudo-patriots have agreed to take part in what many analysts claim to be recovery if it is not just snuff.

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