Thursday, February 20, 2020

Anglophone.Crisis: these known truths that disturb France

It is an open secret, all the French presidents have maintained and maintain good relations with President Paul Biya of Cameroon. France as in the majority of its colonies, participates in the maintenance in power of autocratic leaders. In Cameroon, she turns a blind eye to the atrocities perpetrated since the beginning of the English-speaking crisis in 2017. The attitude of France, however prompt to react in Libya or Mali, exacerbates several personalities from the continent.

In a column published earlier this week, former President of Ghana Jerry John Rawlings openly criticizes "the hypocrisy of France" in the management of the English-speaking crisis in phase of becoming a genocide. 

"Why do France and the rest of the world look away when it serves their selfish interests? How many more will die in the quest for parity in northwest and southwest Cameroon? "Wonders the former Ghanaian president. He invited France to deploy its army to the North West and South West of Cameroon in order to put an end to the war which has already claimed more than 3000 lives. 

“Given that France is on the ground with its own troops in Mali, what is preventing Macron from stopping this brutality, this atrocity in Cameroon? Should Europeans be surprised to see Africans risking their lives to escape the gunfire and fire to join their colonies? "He wrote.

Jerry John Rawlings did not fail to challenge Africans, in particular the African Union, which seems not to be interested in what is happening in Cameroon. "What about the African Union? If we are so helpless to act, can we not at the very least condemn this blind savagery of President Paul Biya? ", He laments. 

A few hours after the shattering exit of Jerry John Rawlings, preceded by that of the UN, France finally laid a light statement to condemn the massacres of children and women. "We condemn the violence which has resulted in the deaths of a large number of inhabitants of a village in the North West Province of Cameroon, including children," said a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at during an electronic press briefing. "We hope that all the light is shed on this tragic event and that those responsible are answerable for their actions," he continued.