Friday, February 21, 2020

Anglophone Crisis - "We must reorganize a referendum in the North-West and the South-West" Says Alice Sadio

It is a cry from the heart that Alice Sadio launched for an end to the war in English-speaking regions. The former president of the Alliance of Progressive Forces (AFP) calls for action to end the crisis in the North West and the South West.

The political leader therefore appeals to the collective conscience. She was in fact invited on the airwaves of Radio ABK, established in Douala.

“We have to feel that there is a collective conscience in this country. We have to denounce ... ”, she invited.

In addition, Alice Sadio also advocates actions. "We must act ... The causes of this drama must stop ...", she maintains.
To overcome the crisis in NoSo, Alice Sadio proposes to organize a referendum. Thus, the populations will determine themselves. “The beginnings of a solution, we know them. We must reorganize a referendum in the North West and the South West, during which we will ask them the question: are you for the decentralized unitary state? ", She suggests.

According to Alice Sadio, it is time to act. It is time to punch the table to end the violence in the English-speaking regions. "Now is the time to act, to punch the table. Who shed the first drop of blood? Who committed the first act of violence? What is this hatred that we sow? She asked.

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