Saturday, February 22, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: victims will attack separatist warlords, Says Emmanuel Shalaï

The association of victims of the socio-political crisis in the North West and South West regions announce complaints against the warlords and the blocking of around twenty bank accounts housed abroad and which were used to finance the military branch of the imaginary state of amazonia.

This information is given by Emmanuel Shalaï, lawyer of the association of victims of ambazonian terrorism in the NOSO. "We have managed, over the past year, to block twenty bank accounts and Cash outs, a kind of mobile money transfer, which we use to finance armed groups here (in the North West and South West Ed). 

The law in the United States says that a financial institution must not let its services finance crimes, rapes or terrorism. We also blocked their Facebook pages. But it's a fight that goes on because every time we do that, they open new accounts. In addition we have complaints in the courts. But since these are civil complaints, this can go up to 2 years, ”he explains. 

Support from the great powers? Me Emmanuel Shalaï says that Cameroonians who finance terrorism in the English-speaking regions are looking for legitimacy with the “great democracies” of Europe and America. However, he believes that some countries that host these terrorist financial agents are ill-informed about Cameroon. 

“I think they are rather ill-informed. Poorly informed because the Ambazonians control the countries where they live. I take the example of the United States. They control this country and do a lot of lobbying with senators and members of Congress. They tell them about the history of the conflict, from their point of view. They are not saying that they have supplied weapons to a group, or that they are asking to burn down the homes of people who are against their desire for secession, ”said the lawyer. 

Other steps taken by the association of war victims of NOSO 

The members of this organization undertook to go and meet the officials of the countries concerned in order to denounce the lies of the financial agents of terrorism in Cameroon. “We are in contact with a powerful and very influential office, which works with the external relations of the American congress. This is only the beginning, we still have a lot to do ”, underlines Me Emmanuel Shalaï.