Monday, February 24, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: The President of the Republic Paul BIYA, never ordered his army, to massacre the civilian... Says Minister of Communication, Emmanuel Sadi

The Minister of Communication indicates that President Paul Biya has already requested sanctions against soldiers in the event of abuses.

One of the things the government wants national and international opinion to remember is that the military never received an order from President Paul Biya to kill the civilian population. Communication Minister RenĂ© Emmanuel Sadi said so in the outing he made in connection with the arrest of French President Macron by the activist Calibri Calibro. 

"The President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, whose humanism and humanity are known to all, never ordered his army to massacre the civilian population, just as he never hesitated to prescribe sanctions, whenever proven and imputed abuses to anyone in the army, have been brought to his attention, "says René Emmanuel Sadi.

Speaking of the violence that takes place in the English-speaking regions, Minister Sadi reminds that it is the work of the separatist groups that are rampant there. The Defense and Security Forces present in the North West and South West act with measure and professionalism, while respecting human rights.

"Conversely, the Government wishes to recall that the numerous abominations as well as the unbearable horrors committed in the North-West and the South-West, since the outbreak of the crisis in these two Regions, be it the destruction of "socio-economic infrastructure or unspeakably cruel assassinations are unquestionably the work of secessionist rebels who are lawless and completely dehumanized, " said the Minister of Communication.

Source: actu Cameroun