Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: 'I was in Limbé, people live normally' - Grégoire Owona

There is not a catastrophic security situation in the English-speaking regions that can explain why the elections are not held there.

In a way, this is the point of view of the Minister of Labor and Social Security. Grégoire Owona, interviewed on Diaf Radio, maintains that all security measures have been taken to guarantee the security of the vote. 

"The country is not to blame and blood," 

According to the assistant secretary general of the CPDM, Cameroon is not as certain supporters of the boycott would like to present it. 

"The security authorities said what to say. Minister Atanga Nji has already spoken and reassured the Cameroonians. The police went to the field and are there to secure it. But we are not going to leave the country to a small handful of terrorists or highwaymen and go to sleep and wait for the problems to be resolved on their own. It is the elected officials, supported by the police, by those responsible for maintaining order who will pursue security that has started. The country is not under fire and blood as some people try to say, ”said Grégoire Owona. 

To convince of the stable security situation, Grégoire Owona indicates that he went to Limbé. And he claims to have found that people lived normally. However, he recognizes that there are some people who seek to create chaos.

Security remains assured! 

“I was in Limbé, last week, I saw how people live normally. This does not prevent from time to time that we tell you that a house has been burned down here or that someone has attacked one there. But all of this is the wish of some people who try to want to create chaos. But security remains assured ”, explains the Minister. 

Divided civil society 

On the position of certain actors of civil society in favor of the boycott, Grégoire Owona reminds that there are some who are in favor of holding the double ballot. 

"It is important that Cameroonians know that there are a lot of intoxicants. There are specialists in this civil society. Fortunately, not all of civil society is against the fact that the elections are being held. It is also good that you listen to those members of Civil Society who say that elections must take place. Do not turn your microphones only to those who say that the elections should not take place, "he argues.