Saturday, February 22, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: Emmanuel Macron wants to put 'maximum pressure' on Biya, Promises to call Paul Biya next week

President Emmanuel Macron promises to commit to a solution in the English-speaking regions. It was this Saturday at the opening of the Paris Agricultural Show that the Head of State responded to an inquiry by an activist from the Anti-Sardinard Brigade (Bas).

The French president has promised to call President Biya next week. And he will talk with him about the English-speaking crisis and the atrocities. "I will call President Biya next week and we will put maximum pressure to end this situation," said Emmanuel Macron. 

On the recent news relating to the violence in Ngarbuh, in the North-West, the French president said he was "totally aware and totally involved in the violence that is happening in Cameroon and that is intolerable". In addition Emmanuel Macron promises to do "the maximum" to stop the violations of human rights. 

Also, Macron revealed "having put" pressure on Paul Biya to deal with the subject of the English-speaking area and his opponents.

According to the United Nations, the killing of Ngarbuh in the northwest left 22 dead. It was on February 14 that the violence took place. 

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