Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: the army said it neutralizes 19 fighters, the Weekend Info reports

According to official figures, nearly 19 have been killed after fighting with the defense forces.

In a video that went viral on social networks a few weeks ago, "General Cha Cha" proudly exhibited his AK44, threatening and taunting the Cameroonian defense forces. A BIR operation supported by Btap got the better of him, as did a handful of his followers in a small village in the department of Mbui, in the Nor Douest region. At the end of this operation, the army also recovered equipment, motorcycles, and other elements necessary for the manufacture of small arms. The General's remains were left to graze in the wild for several hours. 

General Cha Cha was still one of the last secessionist military leaders who commanded respect for the diaspora (that which arms the Amba boys). This is why activist Mark Bareta did not hide his grief. He cried hot tears at the announcement of the death of this individual who is said to be very bloodthirsty. If Field Marshall is still the one who gives the army some insomnia, the fact remains that all those who have raised the rank of General in the secessionist ranks since 2016, the beginning of this English-speaking cree have all already been neutralized by the army.

After some difficult beginnings marked by the fighters on the gendarmes and other police officers, the Bir, the Btap, the Bass, the Rass regained control of the situation on the ground, inflicting heavy losses to the secessionists, in particular by beheading their military leaders. 

The biggest loss was certainly that of General Ivo last year. On sites under their command, they reign supreme, control traffic, snowshoes and live off rapine. According to a gendarmerie officer who opened up to the JDW, the neutralization of these individuals will help pacify the two regions in crisis. " Provided that the young people in their localities are quickly made aware so that the desire for revenge does not arise in them. "Still on the side of the army, we are scared that the last mohican, Field Marshall King might be the next victim.

Source: Weekend Info N ° 41