Saturday, February 15, 2020

Alert: honey based on circulating drain oils

It is the sad reality, but who would have believed it! in Saudi Arabia, the police have just discovered a factory specializing in the manufacture of honey from used motor oils, which we trivially call drain oil. The height of the paradox in this discovery, is that according to the investigations carried out by the Saudi police, the honey thus distilled has for one and only destination Africa. A police video also shows the different stages of the distillation of honey within this company. Like what, this is not a story made up from scratch to dazzle Internet users.

It is true that the Saudi authorities did not want to stir up international opinion, but probably, The factory in question would only be the visible face of the iceberg, because other factories of this kind abound not only the Kingdom from Saudi Arabia, but several countries from Asia and the Middle East. 

This discovery, as new as it is astounding, all the more since it comes from a country which, by its immense wealth, is supposed to be above the fray, comes to throw a stone in the pond: How many deaths will does it so that humanity understands that "Science without conscience is only ruin of the soul". The author of this maxim became popular did not believe so well, because obviously the human race seems to have sold his soul to the Devil.

The puzzle now is how long has this practice been going on. Since the report tells us that the final destination of the deadly honey is Africa, how much has already been sold in African markets? what impact would this honey have had on the health of Africans? But while waiting for the results, everyone believes that the resurgence of certain diseases such as kidney failure, diabetes ... is not unrelated to these types of products from overseas. 

In Cameroon there is a body set up by the public authorities, which deals with quality control. It is known as ANOR. But does it have the logistical and even ethical means to carry out its mission?