Monday, February 10, 2020

After Paul Biya, Grégoire Owona attacks the MRC

"The term small party used by the Head of State is neither contemptuous nor insulting but describes a reality well known in the typology of political parties; while respecting each political group of course!

When a party has only one MP out of 180, zero senators out of 100, 18 municipal councilors out of almost 11,000, how do you designate it? 

When a party goes to elections from time to time without ever winning anything, how do you designate it? 

When a barely created party breaks up, how do you designate it? 

When a party does not manage to make the least discipline in its ranks and does not recognize a leader in person, how is it designated? 

When a party to have 14% in a presidential election must coalesce with 4, 5 or 6 other parties, how are they designated?

When a party cannot go to municipal and legislative elections for lack of candidates, how do we designate it? 

It is designated in chastised French and just as Paul Biya did by "small parties". We will not blame him for speaking French so well and for often finding the right formula or the right word at the right time. 

Indeed, we need democrats to advance in modern Cameroon, structured and legalistic political parties and not people who only dream of supreme power for themselves; one does not make the files of candidacies to all his comrades and activists to decide on the boycott all alone without even consulting them! We need democrats to continue building our democracy. " 

Gregoire Owona

Source: Tgv of info