Tuesday, February 11, 2020

After his success, Eric Kingue laughs at the 'Talibans' of the MRC

The former campaign director of Professor Maurice Kamto during the presidential election of October 7, 2018, before the verdict of the Constitutional Council, is already pleased to be elected.

He demonstrated it on social networks this Tuesday February 11, 2020, when he reacted to a note circulating on the canvas doing was what he would have appreciated Cabral Libii for his "courage" and his "good sense of understanding of the political thing in our country Cameroon”. 

Paul Éric Kingué, candidate for the deputation in the Moungo South, Littoral region who claims to be already victorious in the election published a message in which he affirms that he never sent a correspondence to the national president of the PCRN, Cabral Libii: “I say again and again that I never wrote to my younger brother Cabral Libii. Avoid attributing your fantasies to me, "he warned.

This publication immediately provoked comments from Internet users. The former mayor of Njombé Penja, reframing a user to comment on his publication, said that the actions of the Taliban [militants of the MRC Editor's note], did not overshadow his election in Moungo-Sud. "What will it change?" The Taliban prevented me from being elected? Silly squared, ”he threatens. 

Remember that Paul Eric Kingue, like Cabral Libii, already claims to be a winner in the double ballot on February 9th. Cabral Libii was a candidate for deputation in Nyong-et-Kéllé, Center region, Paul Eric Kingue, candidate for a deputation in Moungo Sud, Littoral region. The Constitutional Council, the only body empowered to proclaim the results, has a period of 15 days, starting from polling day.

Source: lebledparle.com