Tuesday, February 4, 2020

2020 Elections: Here is the amount that the CPDM wants to spend to counter the boycott of Kamto

The inevitably growing rise of the Boycott has already forced the Yaoundé regime to release almost 2 billion in bonuses for the opposition leaders who will accompany them. But apparently this is not enough to stop the popularity of the boycott. This is why the regime plans to mobilize 30 billion CFA francs to attract the minority of ELECAM voters tormented by famine.

Many Cameroonians, like many other Africans, find it difficult to imagine the famine phenomenon in Cameroon, a rich country in tropical Africa. Cameroonians are hungry. For illustration. the average salary of a Senegalese teacher is five times that of a Cameroonian teacher. The minimum wage (of which Professor Joseph Owona boasts) is 36,000 FCFA / month. Cameroonian artists received, as an annual fee, 10,000 francs each for the year 2019., etc. 

Through all these illustrations, those who know the high cost of living in Cameroon, can very easily conclude that Cameroonians are hungry. A famine that the regime maintains meticulously to better manipulate and control Cameroonians. And so far it has worked with very spectacular results. For example, Cameroon is the only country where the opposition parties proclaim that they are doing politics to accompany the regime in power. Cameroon is also the only country where opposition leaders, after going through prison, must apologize to the regime before thanking them for this salutary punishment, the last step before joining them in support that constitutes a real lesson on the notion of 180 degree turn. And for a few million more, these same opponents are fighting for a legalization of electoral fraud which must consecrate the eternal victory of the ruling party. Etc ... 

This control over the Cameroonians is so granitic that the results of the elections in Cameroon are known almost 5 years in advance and the whole mission of ELECAM can only be summed up by justifying a high rate of participation which supports the CPDM and its calamitous management. from the country. But now, all this was before the veto of a certain Maurice Kamto who will not only denounce the troubled, unhealthy and deadly games of opposition politicians but he will call on the Cameroonians not to participate in this circus by launching the boycott. This call from President Maurice Kamto took the regime and the opponents short and MINAT, very informed about the iron health of the boycott, carried the message in high places on the ravages of the urgency of thought. And as usual, the boss of MINAT prescribed a food solution. 

But despite this exit, the boycott prances at the top of the polls (which I remind you are prohibited in Cameroon). This is why the tenors of the CPDM met in a conclave to offer food assistance, generalized, directly to voters. An idea that the members of the regime initially greeted before quickly rebelling when they were presented with the bill of 30 billion CFA francs. This amount comes from a classic simulation that the regime masters very well. 

Indeed, Cameroon is a country which has more than 30 million inhabitants. This can represent an electoral body of nearly 16 million voters. However in a frantic and rhetorical way, the Yaoundé regime advances, without any justification, 7 million registered voters and to be more precise, ELECAM recognizes around 3 million voters or voters. In other words, in view of these figures , the electoral boycott in Cameroon is structural. And if we have to save the appearance of a false election, then we will have to mobilize the 3 million registered voters. Knowing that Cameroonians can claim nearly 10,000 Fcfa per voter, then 30 billion Fcfa will be enough to satisfy the abdomen of the 3 million voters of ELECAM and to block the boycott. 

Finally, even if the idea was adopted, we have a lot of doubt for its general implementation because:

Cameroonians are no longer ready to sell off their freedom in this gross masquerade which gives them a full stomach day and 5 years of starvation, misery and tribulations. 

The regime, clearly in lack of resources (all the lights are red) will have trouble raising such a sum. 

And if the regime, which specializes in flea markets and begging, succeeds in raising this amount, no one believes that the CPDM stingy will be able to channel these sums to the voters. 

Even if we entrusted this amount to the best distributors of the plan, he will not be able to do it in a week. 

In short, even if the boycott in Cameroon remains and will remain the winning option in the elections organized by the Yaoundé regime, victory has already been won in the CPDM. On the other hand, in this year 2020, if the CPDM wants to counter the slogan of Maurice Kamto to justify the false participation rate, it will be necessary to make the voter of ELECAM see the color of the 10,000 FCFA note.

Journalist: Douala Ngando