Thursday, February 13, 2020

Elections 2020: France disavows Atanga Nji claims

According to information obtained by our sources from a charge d'affaires of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the participation rate in the municipal and legislative elections of 09 February is below 25%.

Moreover, this trend has been taken up by the French newspaper Le Monde, which speaks of a participation rate of less than 25%. 

This senior official speaks of a participation rate of 20.5%, or a record abstention of 79.1%. 

In cities like Douala the participation rate is around 15%. In Yaoundé 18%. The surprise also came from the Eastern region, reputed to be the stronghold of the Rdpc, the party in power, where in cities like Bertoua notably Bertoua 1st and 2nd it is around 17% participation rate. So 83% of the abstention rate. 

In the western region the participation rate is 12% in certain cities such as Bafoussam, Dschang. Or 88% of abstention rate.

In the South, the region of origin of Paul Biya, cities like Kribi or Ebolowa experienced participation rates of less than 25%. In the city of Sangmelima 35%. A slight quivering has been observed in certain lamudates from the far north with rates approaching 30%. In the English-speaking regions, there were practically no elections. 

These poor results seriously worry the power of Yaoundé. 

Maurice Kamto's party, which has launched and carried out explanatory campaigns on its slogan of boycott very followed z was publicly outraged by the president Paul Biya of small party. 

Editor's note: These results are not official...