Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Your hospitals don't have toilets - Wilfried Ekanga condemns Cameroon's hospitals following the death of Me Souop

Political analyst Wilfried Ekanga says Cameroonians do not like to see reality in the face.

Speaking of the death of Sylvain Souop, political analyst Wilfried Ekanga denounces the fact that Cameroonians are always ready to be fooled. To believe the sympathizer of the Movement for the renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc) Cameroonians do not like to see their reality. And they tend to go after those who fight for their well-being. 

“… There is the second wave of Panurgians. Just yesterday morning, one of them wrote to me: "You spend your time sabotaging my country why?" ". So here is an AIDS patient to whom you say: "You are HIV positive", and who gets angry with you when you have just done him a huge service. In this republic vampirized to the atoms, the Cameroonian would like to be told that we are the 1st world power, and that the CAN 2019 was brilliantly organized with a magnificent final in Yaoundé. It is this perverse chauvinism that they understand by patriotism ”, writes Ekanga.

In this post which talks about the death of Me Souop and the absurdity of the cause of the death of the lawyer, the analyst Ekanga calls the Cameroonians to go out to look elsewhere. He urged them not to adopt a sheepish attitude under the pretext of patriotism. 

“Your hospitals often do not have scanners, technical equipment, electricity, or even toilets. But since you have been trained like good sheep, you have been injected with the bestial reflex which consists in attacking those who fight for you by denouncing these facts at the cost of all risks, while you applaud your executioners and accept the fact that 25 million CFA can pay a man for a hotel night. And this stupidity, this big stupidity, this legendary stupidity, you commit it every day in the name of "patriotism". If not a sheepish attitude, what is it? I'm even looking for another word, ”writes the political analyst.