Friday, January 31, 2020

Yaoundé: no badge, no traffic

It is one of the main decisions taken at the end of the consultation between Naseri Paul Bea and the drivers of these machines Wednesday in the capital.

Naseri Paul Bea, governor of the Center region does not give up. Motorcycle taxi drivers must comply with the regulations in force and their traffic zones, without in any way invading the city center. This is the reason why, after having received more than 2000 requests for the release of two-wheeled vehicles impounded the day after his decree of November 7, last document in which he reiterated the ban on the city center for motorcycles. taximen, the governor went up again last Wednesday. 

This before any action is taken. “We said to ourselves that if we simply release them, it will be back to square one. Once again, it was therefore necessary to invite them to respect the rules that govern this activity, ”explained Naseri Paul Bea. And in the afternoon of Wednesday at the Urban Community of Yaoundé (Cuy) and this, in the presence of a good number of these drivers, the governor did not fail to reframe the exercise of this activity. The portal for Cameroonians in Belgium. Thus, all motorcycle drivers were invited to have an identification badge, the color of which varies by district.

These documents will be issued to them by the Yaoundé Urban Community. This measure concerns both "benskineurs" and staff. Besides the badge, they are also called upon to have in their possession all the required documents and a helmet. This new reframing of the motorcycle taxis activity in Yaoundé comes after the meeting chaired last November by the governor and during which participants noted the invasion of the city center by these two-wheeled vehicles on the one hand, difficult identification of drivers and non-compliance with regulations on the other hand. It is therefore hoped that the introduction of identification badges, which are different from one arrondissement to another, will somehow give a new image to this activity, the control of which does not seem easy. 

And for the governor, drivers who will once again be pinned outside their traffic zones or without required documents after the period of one week which has been granted to them, will be punished. "This time, the penalties will be heavier," insisted Naseri Paul Bea. Clearly…