Monday, January 27, 2020

War between corporate bosses and the taxman: Minister Motaze takes a stand

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Having been informed of a correspondence that the president of Gicam would have sent to the Head of State, and relating to the consummated rupture of relations between the Director General of Taxes and businesses, the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, wishes to bring the following information to the attention of public opinion and the business community: Cameroon is engaged in a vast reform project aimed at eradicating the economic crisis which affects the sub-region of Central Africa. Among other things, the government is committed to maximizing the recovery of non-oil revenues in order to be less dependent on oil resources.

This is one of the recommendations of the extraordinary summit of Cemac Heads of State held in Yaoundé in December 2016 and is one of the targets defined in the economic and financial program concluded with the International Monetary Fund. As this objective of maximizing the collection of tax and customs revenue may present a potential conflict with the various taxpayers, the government is resolutely committed to the prospect of permanent and fruitful dialogue with the private sector. The Prime Minister moderates regular discussions with the private sector as part of the Cameroon Business Forum. 

Similarly, frameworks for consultations with the private sector were created by the Minister of Finance in 2019 and are very often held for the purpose of seeking avenues of consensus on the various problems that may arise. More specifically, a Minfi-private sector meeting is now held each year before the preparation of the finance law in order to inform the private sector and discuss with it possible innovations in the field of taxation. The government remains Convinced as he had committed himself to it, that the private sector must play a leading role in reviving economic growth.

Also, the Minister of Finance wishes to encourage all the actors not to depart from this spirit of dialogue and to use the frameworks of concertation mentioned above, for the examination and the resolution the resolution of the problems which would arise in their respective activities.

Source: The Pelican N ° 338