Monday, January 27, 2020

U.S. plans 'coup' against Paul Biya

The leader of the Cameroonian opposition and the Americans are on the same wavelength.

The image or rather the images have been around the world. Maurice Kamto, president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc), received at the State Department by Tibor Nagy, Under Secretary of State for African Affairs. An illustration of a great rapprochement between the one who is now presented as the leader of the Cameroonian opposition and who continues to claim his victory at the end of the presidential election of 2019; and the country of Uncle Sam now critical of the governance of Paul Biya. 

The first thing that struck at the end of the meeting between the two men was that it was very official. Besides, one of the photos taken was made in front of the insignia of the State Department. Within the Cameroonian state apparatus, this meeting is a snub. What creates a lot of agitation, according to information gleaned from the palace of Etoudi. We see with a very bad eye what now sounds like a dubbing of Maurice Kamto by the Americans. And yet, for a long time, American diplomacy had kept its distance from the boss of the Mrc. According to some indiscretions emanating from the diplomatic representation of the United States in Cameroon, Kamto was perceived as soft of the knee in his diplomatic approach with the uncle Sam. 

However, since Maurice Kamto came out of the clutches of the prison, things seem to have accelerated in his rapprochement with the Usa. He seems to have understood the importance of changing the game, especially since the French are bluntly sulking. We remember that during the visit of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs to Yaoundé, Jean-Yves Ledrian, it is hardly if he will dare to grant within the French Embassy, ​​a few minutes of exchange with Maurice Kamto . By the way, by way of meeting, it was a marathon meeting with the Cameroonian political class, including Rdpc. Kamto will come out of there angry. 

The Americans, however, seem to open up a field of possibilities for him. For a long time, the two camps have evolved in isolation. However, they defend almost the same position on the major issues of the day: end the English-speaking crisis, organize a more inclusive national dialogue, revise the electoral code before any other election ... 

We can well imagine the convergence of views, reading Tibor Nagy's tweet, after the interview with Kamto: “I met Maurice Kamto. We talked about democracy, peaceful elections and American support for the Swiss initiative ”.

The management of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon is one of the subjects that bring together Republicans and Democrats in the United States. This is why the leader of Mrc also met Karen Bass, a democratic deputy who recently, with some of his colleagues, delivered corrosive correspondence to Paul Biya on his management of the said crisis. A posture also shared by the Republican president of the Senate foreign affairs committee, who made it known in a tweet. 

Another meeting, that with Herman Cohen, former under secretary of state for African affairs, who also has a hard tooth against Paul Biya. 

What are the Americans planning with Maurice Kamto? The question is on everyone's lips. Even if it is natural that a political leader does not neglect the diplomatic aspect, the timing leaves one wondering, at a time when the Americans have completely distanced themselves from Mr. Biya. Suddenly, Kamto sounds like a kind of alternative. Will France and Biya watch without doing anything? A million dollar question. 

Zephirin Koloko