Sunday, January 26, 2020

URGENT: an Ambazonian 'general' reportedly shot dead this Sunday

The CameroonianWeb editorial team has just learned from concordant sources that the fearsome "General Chacha" of the 'Bui warriors' in the North West region of Cameroon was shot dead early this Sunday morning by the Cameroonian military. It is following an assault launched early this morning on the locality.

"Soldiers stormed Bui around 2 a.m., took everyone and even the combatants by surprise, he was killed in Kikaikom, on the road to Amba camp," said an attached source. by our colleague Mimi Mefo in Bui. 

For the moment, it is unclear how this operation was conducted in all discretion. Even the arrival of the military in the locality was not noticed by the secessionist fighters. 

The same sources state that the populations are in shock after this attack in this stronghold of the separatists.

Since the start of this year, the secessionists have recorded enormous loss of life and arrests. To this is added the internal war which opposes the different factions of this movement. Some English-speaking leaders based abroad like Ayaba Cho are accused of having delivered fighters to the power of Yaoundé. In the middle of the week, the war chief's wife 'Field Marshall' was arrested in Dschang. 

Source: Cameroonweb