Sunday, January 26, 2020

Toyota Prado vehicle cost 1.5 million belonging to mayor of Ambam carried away

The elected municipal official has just published an sos on social networks on this subject.

"My Toyota Prado vehicle, CE 122 FM burglarized on the night of January 22 around 8 p.m., while it was parked in the parking lot -front of the Le Relais St Jacques hotel located in the Coron district of Yaoundé at a place opposite Cami Toyota. This at the entrance of the Catholic University of Central Africa, while I was myself in the company of certain elites and vital forces of my department, "writes Hyacinthe Mba Mbo, the mayor of Ambam in his message d 'alert. 

Further on, he declines the subject of their consultation. “We were in a preparatory meeting for the launch of the electoral campaign for the legislative and municipal double ballot on February 9, 2020. This in a restaurant room of this hotel, however guarded (incomprehensible and even inadmissible because the hotel guard was seated in front of the hotel and next to my vehicle when I parked it, "continues the politician. 

Several losses

We then learn instantly that the attackers take with them a briefcase in black nilon fabric containing all the documents of the elected municipal official. He talks about his birth certificate, his passport with American and Schengen visas, his international vaccination certificate, as well as all his diplomas obtained in Cameroon and France, in particular at the University of Nantes. 

In this package, the attackers also take away a laptop containing all of his research work, including his Doctorate / PhD thesis in political science. He also speaks of the disappearance of a sum of one million five thousand CFA francs taken away.