Wednesday, January 22, 2020

'Those who call for an election boycott work for satan' Atanga Nji

On February 09, 2020, the Cameroonians will have the opportunity to renew the members of parliament and the municipal councilors, while waiting for this fateful date, the government is working to make these elections take place in a prosperous climate.

On Monday, January 13, during the opening of the work of the first semi-annual conference of governors, the minister of territorial administration Atanga Nji wanted to warn the troublemakers. 

In his speech, the Minister of Territorial Administration was inspired by the Holy Scriptures to warn those people who are plotting Machiavellian plans to sabotage the legislative and municipal elections of February 09, 2020. "All power comes from God, the authorities who govern us have been instituted by God "argued the super land chief, thus for him, the people who work for the destabilization of Cameroon are in the service of the devil and their unhealthy ambitions are doomed to failure, they will find of the answer opposite. "The order has been given to the 10 governors of the regions to take appropriate measures for the efficient holding of these elections, during this exercise,

The member of the government also castigated the immoral attitude of certain internet users who sully the image of Cameroon internationally and who propagate Fake news. In a cryptic way, he calls on Cameroonians to use social networks rationally.