Friday, January 17, 2020

The unfriendly settles in secondary schools

The situation is getting serious and dangerous in our secondary establishments in Cameroon. Tragedies and violence continue without real awareness and appropriate measures to avoid the worst in the future.

It is a veritable wave of slippage that the pupils of the Lycées d'Enseignement Général across Cameroon are engaging in with numerous cases of assault and manifest delinquency. 

It is a pupil of the Lycée of Awka Nord, in the Littoral region, who was mastered with a dagger in his possession this January 16, 2020. The teachers supposed to inspire respect and cultivate values ​​in the students have become the target discontented young people, allergic to discipline, who engage in a manhunt in the middle of school with knives. 

Still, we must be happy that these students do not have access to firearms! The massacre would have been to be feared if one refers to current events in the United States of America and in other western countries. Have our establishments become a ghetto?

This Thursday still in the Department of Noun, a high school student from Massangam High School tore his comrade's hand with a razor blade. Added to this, the dramas of the Lycée de Nkolbisson where a student stabbed to death his teacher of Mathematics, and the dramas of the Lycée de Mbalmayo and Lycée d'Obala, the situation is all the more worrying as the security forces are now called to the rescue.

But at this rate, should we now consider the creation of a police station in each Lycée or School? The alert level is reached for this week alone for the emergency to be reported. Dear authorities, parents and educators, we must act quickly so that priority is given to the all-out education of our youth. Otherwise, where is Cameroon going?