Friday, January 24, 2020

The situation of Douala -Yaoundé axis worrisome

COMIDI writes and calls on the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest NGALLE BIBEHE to take more action to fight against this scourge which is banging on society.

Mr. Jean Ernest NGALLE BIBEHE, Mr. Minister of Transport. We recently took the Douala - Yaoundé axis, and noted a terrible, serious, unsustainable, revolting situation. 

In fact robbers, or mercenaries, who are neither the police, the gendarmerie, nor the army, intercept motorists, and carry out blackmail of all kinds, to extort money from them by pretending to control documents . These additional bandits in dark orange clothes, run all the way, and put themselves preferably where there are donkeys, makeshift harrows, pieces of wood with nails, stretched ropes. 

The situation is all the more worrying, as some even claim to be from your village, and enjoy the benefits of the function of the brother above. So, by adding them to the slew of other robbers who display uniforms, certain bad apples which ruin the reputation of our security forces, we counted up to thirty roadblocks, on an international axis which serves at least four countries.

Minister, we took the initiative to hunt some, with the help of motorists who threatened a riot and general fights. We hunted just on the Libamba bridge where others had taken place, causing accidents and fleeing afterwards. 

The situation is today at a level where if nothing is done, we will have to expect violent slippages with consequences that will get out of control. We also promptly contacted the Prime Minister to request the removal of speed bumps and roadblocks, sources of corruption, robbery, rape, theft, humiliation and various frustrations. 

We are counting on your prompt reaction, with the highest consideration. /.