Monday, January 20, 2020

'The role of the MRC is to discredit this regime and Paul Biya'

Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding did the show on the Artists' show (RDA). In the program “La Cour des grands“, Messanga Nyamding discussed political news.

Speaking of the opposition, in particular of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc), Messanga Nyamding carried a charge. He believes that the Mrc seeks to discredit the President of the Republic Macky Sall. 

"The role of the MRC is to discredit this regime, and in particular, President Paul Biya. If you look very closely at their central leader, to whom we have reached out, and who claims to have reached out to the Head of State, we have the impression that today it is a problem of ego between this gentleman [Maurice Kamto Editor] and the President of the Republic, "said Messanga Nyamding.

Continuing, Professor Messanga Nyamding, also evokes bad faith from Maurice Kamto. He also does not forget the call for boycott by the president of the Mrc. Messanga Nyamding denounces the fact that Maurice Kamto prevented some of his supporters from fully playing their role of counter power. 

"He films himself with Tibor Nagy, he is preparing for February 1, supposedly a national conference ... I don't know what this gentleman wants. Look how bad he is! You are going to a presidential election with an organ which invested you; and you have thousands and tons of supporters who want to mobilize to play the role of counter power. You stand up, you ask these people not to go to the elections ”.