Sunday, January 19, 2020

The randomly culture of violence in Cameroon

The facts are clear - the brutal murder of a mathematics teacher in full professional activity is irreconcilable with the image of students of the republic that we have all been, and in which we grew up in Cameroon.

Indeed, the assassination in the middle of mathematics of a teacher by his pupil in Cameroon is unfortunately the mark of an out of control culture which has changed in nature and has fallen into generalized violence, sparing no sector of activity, no social group, no age group ... in this country. In short, the mark of a nation that as a whole continues to swirl in the toilet each passing day. Again, this murder is a sign that the fabric of our society is rapidly deteriorating, and there is no future for us if we stay on this highly self-defeating path. 

We have launched shock campaigns to raise awareness about this dangerous drift of cruel and gratuitous violence for two (02) decades without arousing any awareness or the slightest indignation. Because some have always mistakenly thought that it concerns only the "opponents" commonly assimilated to anti-patriots ", and would thus be limited to the political sphere, then to electoral disputes. 

That NO !!! 

We are actually here in the presence of a pathologically cruel and violent society, prey to a legal nihilism, which trivialized death, to the point of henceforth celebrating it with pomp. 

This week's murderous young high school student, whom certain ethno-fascists insisted on associating with the tribe of dictator Paul Biya, is in this symbol of a criminal phenomenon which goes beyond political, religious and traditional obediences to prevail until in everyday social relationships.

Cameroon today is a particularly inhuman, wild and brutal country, where many nationals (from within as well as from the diaspora) literally fuel hatred. 

To survive, you have to be extra careful, be careful and stay safe when you have no safety net. 

Our goal is to dramatically shock people with the truth of what we are facing, so that they finally choose to fundamentally change course in their own lives. 

And if we get enough people to start to change direction, it could have a positive impact on society as a whole. 

Unfortunately, most Cameroonians have become too cynical and perverse for their own good, they believe, but in reality for their great misfortune. So they are no longer open to radical solutions, because they generally feel powerless in the control of their own life and especially in the face of its extreme embrittlement by a tyrannical regime in place for 37 years.

However, the choices we make individually and collectively as a Nation are choices of life and death. If we choose what is right, it will lead to great achievements. But if we choose what is wrong, it will only lead to great disasters. What we are doing clearly does not work, and if we continue on this path, there is no possible way for our story to end well. 

Both individually and collectively as a Nation, it is possible to start making better choices, but if we want to change direction, it is better to do so very quickly. Because time is short, and it won't take too long before it's too late. 

The Committee for the Liberation of Political Prisoners - CL2P