Saturday, January 4, 2020

The PDP today cannot contest and win any election - Nigerians react to Atiku Abubakar's tweet

Reations after Atiku Abubakar said people Democratic party should not focus on Elections but on rebuilding and strengthening the party for the challenges ahead of them in the coming years.

Atiku had tweeted this in the early hours of Saturday, 24 January 2019.

His opinion focused on the solid foundation of the party as to withstand any challenges they may come across in the future, also during and after 2023 presidential election in the country.

Our preoccupation at this point in the people's Democratic party should not focus on elections, but on rebuilding and strengthening our party for the challenges ahead of us. Atiku Abubakar

Reations below; 

No matter what this party does, it may want to consider not disrespecting Nigerians again, by putting its worst foot forward. If there are no people with clean backgrounds, please don’t present any candidate in ‘23. Sit it through. Susan

Sorry Sir, this is too late.

PDP is a dysfunctional political party in disarray. Your party failed to provide Nigerians with leadership and development when in government and failing to provide us with pragmatic ideological opposition,

PDP should disband and start afresh. Tunji Adeyemi

With all due respect sir, I think its time PDP to consider a youth as the presidential candidate. Ndubuisi

"rebuilding and strengthening our party" so party members can enrich themselves! 

Not even a word from PDP as per Free Agba Jalingo, little pressure from your senators about jailng of Nigerians with contrary view to the government. I could go on and on...PDP/APC same!" Forward Naija

Wise words. The PDP today can not contest and win any election. Dr Mako

Rebuilding and Strengthening the party to develop intellectual thoughts to face challenges and to make the nation great. The party needs to think right How's Esther

Iho Torence writes:

This is why Atiku Abubakar is the right man for the Job. Any member of  PDP at this point will feel the Party needs to restrategize. Restrategizing in the broadest sense of ; reviewing the root causes of its failures and successes of the Party recently. 

There is no political party in Nigeria that can boast of the political ideology of uniting Nigeria than the PDP. Those were the factors that sold party to a Common Nigerian.

Nigeria is faced with a challenge only the PDP can help and the collective support of Nigerians,

PDP has so much concentrated on winning elections while not putting their house in order. Anyone who doesn't learn from his mistake is not ready to win. PDP needs to change strategy & be procative on issues. 

Sir; as the leader of our great party, keep driving this point home. Iho Torence