Friday, January 24, 2020

'The MRC has no link, not even secret with BAS - Alain Fogue

"The MRC has made public the list of organizations with which it is working for the President-Elect tour, as well as the names of the members of the Organizing Committee in charge of this event. This public list includes names and contacts. people carrying out a project aiming to give substance to the old dream of the Biya regime establishing a link between the MRC and the BAS can use these names and contacts of the members of the Committee to try to manipulate opinion.

It is clear that the MRC has no link, not even secret, with the BAS.

Consequently, the MRC remains calm in the face of all the crude montages and the national and international media campaign of the regime aimed at fabricating in advance the "evidence" for the next arbitrary arrests of its leaders and activists. MRC activists, who have nothing to do with the BAS, must remain vigilant!

Journalist: Alain Fogue