Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The hidden connection between BAS and Maurice Kamto revealed

They are the ones we saw at work ransacking the Cameroonian embassy in Paris. They chose to be called Brigade Anti-Sardinards, BAS in abbreviation.

The choice of the expression Anti-Sardinards comes from the fact that, sandwiches made of canned bread and sardines were regularly distributed to the populations, during the Rassemblement meetings Démocratique du Peuple Camerounais. 

And they have given themselves the mission since the proclamation of the presidential results of October 07 last to boycott, outside Cameroon, all the artists who had supported President Paul Biya and had participated in the great support concert, free, which was held at the Palais des sports de Yaoundé on October 6, the day before the election. 

The emergence of this Anti-Sardinards Brigade, which has grown in size, is undoubtedly one of the most unprecedented consequences and unexpected results of the last Cameroonian presidential election and the end of Maurice Kamto's presidential dream. A week later, the Anti-Sardinards Brigade was created by a group of Parisian activists. And they choose as spokesperson the Cameroonian activist Salomene Tchaptchet Yankap. 

For the Anti-Sardinards Brigade, made up mostly of Cameroonian migrants in Europe and North America, these artists went to the soup, "while the country is suffering, with a man in power for thirty-six years", as hammered one of their own, Emmanuel Kemta. A call to refuse the result of the presidential and boycott of the artists who sang for Paul Biya or the CPDM is launched and relayed in particular during the first protest march against the victory of President Biya, organized on October 22 in front of the Embassy of the Cameroon in Paris.

The bikutsi singer K-Tino is one of the first to be struck by the Anti-Sardinards Brigade. Scheduled in Paris on October 31, his concert was finally canceled. Two days later, singer Ben Decca, who celebrated his thirty-five year career in 2018, was unable to perform at Espace Noisy-le-Sec, in the Paris region. The next day, it's Coco Argentée, another bikutsi singer, who will have her concert canceled in Germany. The same day, at the Le Palenke restaurant in Nice, in the south of France, K-Tino tried in vain to get around this ban on singing. Since then, the boycott slogans have multiplied in Europe and the United States. The boycott continued, with very significant financial consequences for the banned artists and for the promoters who dared to program them. 

Representatives from Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands met in Paris in December 2018 to coordinate their actions, even to structure the movement. Instructed by Maurice Kamto, the Anti-Sardinards Brigade calls on the Cameroonian army to pledge allegiance to him and to place himself at the disposal of the winner, according to her, of the presidential election of October 07, 2018. 

Supporters of the MRC outside ask Paul Biya to acknowledge his defeat and to "retire with dignity". They call on the Cameroonian people to stand up and have clearly announced for several weeks that they reserve the right to take any legitimate action, according to them, in Cameroon and the West to thwart any attempt by Paul Biya to hang on in power. The ransacking of the Cameroonian Embassy and the occupation of other embassies in Europe is part of a long-drawn-up and coordinated strategy by Maurice Kamto. A dynamic that the Anti-Sardinards Brigade owes in particular to social networks. During the assault on the Cameroonian embassy in Paris, the rampage was systematically filmed and transmitted to the connected supporters with an injunction to share in Mondovision. 

Composed almost exclusively of originals from the western province, the rigade Anti-Sardinards mobilizes many women who permanently occupy social networks, but also activists, anarchists and undocumented migrants who want their missions diplomatic. One of the recurring reproaches heard elsewhere in Paris being that the embassy of Paul Biya is full of Betis. Which of course is not true. 

But after what happened last Saturday in Paris, one cannot in fact dissociate the ethnic and even tribalist dimension as much in the action of the CODE as in that of its new armed arm which appears now to be the Anti-Brigade Sardinards devoted to Maurice Kamto. Since last October, and after somewhat confused beginnings, the movement has been organized. He entrusted to Emmanuel Kemta better known under the name of Combattant Kemta, member of the CODE, the direction of the invasion operations of the Cameroonian embassies in Europe and, in particular, that of Paris, the largest and most prestigious of the diplomatic representations from Cameroon.