Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Battle Fields: Red Dragon reportedly K!lled some Cameroonian Soldiers in combat operations in Lebialem, a reliable sources reported

The Red Dragon group was reported to have slaughter some Cameroonian Soldiers sent to Lebialem in combat operations, a reliable reports from Bishop John and the Field Marshal of Lebialem said. 

According to the reports, Cameroonian Soldiers are currently buring their fallen men in mass graves at Lebialem. 

Read the full release below; 

Lebialem battles: Bishop John and the Field Marshal of Lebialem, reporting from the battle fields of Lebialem. 

The soldiers that were sent to Lebialem to fight the red dragons, are being slaughtered in combat operations by the fearless red dragons. 

Our Intelligent Report is informed, that soldiers from French Cameroon were buring their fallen colleagues in mass graves inside Lebialem. 

Parents who have sons fighting for Cameroon military, especially those deployed to Lebialem, keep in mind that, you will never see your sons again. Cameroon military high command in Yaounde, have issued out strict instructions to all their battle field commanders in the Southern Cameroons theatre of operations, to bury on the spot or in mass graves soldiers killed in battle.

Yaounde does not want to see body bags or trucks full of  corpses of soldiers returning into Cameroon especially those from Ambazonia that they will enrage the civilian polulation. 


This Is Intelligent Report.