Monday, January 13, 2020

'The army wanted to take up arms to defend' John Fru Ndi

It is a revelation of the National President of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) Nii John Fru Ndi on medical visit to the United States for a few days.

In an interview with our colleagues in the English-language newspaper 'The Sun' before his departure, the Chairman accuses the party of Paul Biya of being behind the attacks on the SDF candidates in the municipal and legislative elections of 9 February 2020. 

He also returned to the 1992 presidential election which saw the victory of Paul Biya and revealed that this situation almost caused an army uprising. "The army wanted to take up arms to defend my victory but again I refused and I thought that over time we would solve the problems by ballot box, the constitution" he said declared. 

Cameroonweb offers you the full French version of this interview. 

The people who gave in to democracy in this country never really thought about what they said. Before forming the SDF, we had a constitution for the party, a program to define the way forward and we agreed that we were going to change the country at the polls. Now the English speakers of which I am a part have been marginalized, taken for granted and mistreated, mistreated, insulted in this country. 

But we still believe that even if you spit on my face, I will clean the spit and go where I am going because I have something in mind that I want to achieve. When the other people came and said they wanted to change the government of secession through the ballot box, I saw all these options in front of me and I calculated the weight of this option and I realized that if I followed it, it would lead to a lot of bloodshed. That is why I did not choose to go get the weapon.

Even in 19992, when we actually won the presidential election, Mr. Biya himself agreed and each Cameroonian will tell you that Fru Ndi won. But here, the army voted for us a lot and when their results were announced in favor of my adversary, the army wanted to take up arms to defend my victory but again I refused and I thought that 'Over time, we were going to solve problems by ballot box, constitution. 

If today people talk about the cosmetic changes made to the Constitution, it is thanks to the SDF although today some children insult me ​​that it was not Fru Ndi who brought the power to speak here high and strong. When I hear that, I just ask them to go ahead and achieve what they want to achieve. But do not take your weapon because I am not the one who blocks you and people tell you to leave Parliament (National Assembly and Senate) and councils and you will see what we are going to do, change the country now and obtain our independence . 

I tell them we can sit, but they insist that you go out and see. I consider this to be radicalism. So today, they left the CPDM which destroys everything and they are now on the homeless following Fru Ndi, kidnapping me twice, dragging me to the ground and injuring me. What is painful is that I had just come from the hospital two hours later. In other words, it was more than death because everyone in my family was already crying. But as the Lord God that we serve saved my life, I tell people who do that by forcing Fru Ndi with the power of the gun that you will get what we want because the right person to force with the power of the gun is Mister Biya. 

The SDF has only 14 deputies out of the 16 that we had at the start of the expired term in the National Assembly and only 7 senators and even if they all withdraw from Parliament and join them in the bushes, what effect would that have? ? I do not think about anything. The number of councilors and mayors I have in the North West and South West if all leave and join them in the bushes, what difference would there be? 

And even more, English speakers have a serious problem which people are now taking advantage of to earn money. With all due respect to all those who fight in the bushes, some of them are hardened criminals and I told people who were really fighting for the English cause to dissociate themselves from these criminals who were escaped from the prisons of Ndop, Kumbo, Wum, Mbengwi, etc.

And once again, the Nigerians took advantage of the situation because the information that reaches me indicates that some of the people killed are those recruited in Nigeria. So when they take up arms, they only look for the homeless because the people of the CPDM move freely in town and they are not kidnapped. They started by setting fire to my residence in town, then torched my house in the ash villages. The people watching this abroad, that is, the leaders told the boys here to do it to teach me a lesson. What is my crime because for three years now I have been calling on the leaders of the English-speaking movement to come so that we can discuss and strategize on what to do, 

You can't hold a gun and just give me instructions like that because I won't take them. Since then, they continue to kidnap members of the SDF party which I am now obliged to agree that it was the youths of the CPDM who entered the bushes thinking that they could destroy the SDF in this way, pretentiously thinking that Mr. Biya will win everything in February 2020 for the world to consider him the greatest person. 

But they forget that everything that happens in this country is controlled abroad through embassies and several other channels that we may not know about. I knew it when I was traveling abroad to sell the ideologies of the homeless, to talk about the Anglophone problem, etc. People asked me very sensitive questions about Cameroon to prove that they had up-to-date information on our country. 

I remember how I got into the German foreign ministry and the minister told me that Mr. President, we know that. So when you say you want to change the country and you are fighting to tell the world that the international community will intervene and help you, but let me remind you that the international community does not believe in terrorism, kidnappings to get ransoms, amputation of people's hands, fingers, heads and the wild things that are done. 

I don't think the English speakers themselves are comfortable with all of this. When I condemned the way the woman was heading to Santa, some of them in Europe harassed me saying that the boys were dying in the bushes. I didn't send anyone to the bush and I didn't go to the bush because I don't want to see blood.

When I met Mr. Biya in Bamenda, I told him that in 1992 I was within a millimeter of declaring my victory stolen but I did not do it because I looked at the beautiful and beautiful children from Cameroon and I said, I can't spill their blood. He said yes, I knew it and I asked him what were you doing? He replied that we are meeting now, so let's move on. Since then, I have not been able to chat with him. 

There is a saying that the hunter missed the animal and killed his dog. This is what is happening in Cameroon today with English speakers at the moment because everything that is done, the international community sees it; amputation, abduction, decapitation and that doesn't speak well at all and if we don't sit down to work out a strategy on how to solve our problems then we are just wasting our time. 

The SDF never had elections with ease in Cameroon because we had elections where we won but our people were rather beaten and our victory stolen. We run because we want to let the world know that we are ready for these elections. But we have said that if these elections are not held under secure conditions, we will cancel them. We don't believe in beating. If I hit you in a ring, I will stay there for us to hit. 

The results we expect are that the SDF is very comfortable in a clean atmosphere to win in the chosen areas and if we win and take good care of the people, the next elections will come. It's not like we have to win everything only in the next election. It will be better, safer and more conducive for English speakers to vote for the SDF and they will continue to look at their problem than for any other party.