Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The anger of Titus Edzo in Jeune Afrique

'I am not fighting Paul Biya, but his system of governance' Titus Edzo

The former political prisoner has just given a major interview to Jeune Afrique, the weekly Pan-African newspaper. In this exchange, he takes a panoramic look at the socio-political situation in recent days in Cameroon.

Titus Edzoa gives himself to Jeune Afrique. In the pages of the pan-African weekly, he returns to his political vision. "I am not fighting Paul Biya, but his system of governance", explains from the outset the former minister of education in Cameroon. After her years in prison, she does not hide her ambitions to go to Etoudi. 

In this momentum, he believes "that we must limit the number of terms of the President of the Republic". According to him, "a political program must have a deadline. The next election is in six years. It is very far. Until then, there may be a transition. ” A new message addressed to Paul Biya his former makeshift companion, to go in the direction of Young Africa. However, he spoke of his candidacy with great reserve. 

Maurice Kamto

"If I am not a candidate, this will not prevent me from bringing my experience to others", explains the surgeon. Started the interview in Jeune Afrique, he made a flashback on the presidential election of October 2018 in Cameroon. "It was first necessary to ensure peace in the North-West and the South-West", explains this one. It also does not fail to return to the posture of Maurice Kamto the president of the Mrc at the twilight of this presidential election. 

According to Mr. Edzoa, Kamto "rushed". "He declared himself the winner the day after the election when he knew he could not have the evidence. I would have advised him to wait. ” Regrets the politician. Finally, he severely tackles the opposition political parties in Cameroon. They are too similar to Rdpc according to him. “Everyone's priority should be to change the electoral code. Until this is amended, there will be no credible elections, ”concludes the latter.

Source: actucameroun.com