Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Sparrowhawk: responsible for the communication of the targeted police

Yannick decided to have his vehicle rented 3 years ago. a Mercedes class S. One of his friends, Mohamadou Iyah, lets him know that he has a client. He hands her the car. But this one will never come back again.

It was then that he decided to file a complaint with the gendarmerie. After investigation, the gendarmes discover that the car was handed over to a female police commissioner by the name of Joyce Mandeng, communication officer at the national security delegation without any document from the car to her Insu. 

But, when he decides to claim his car, the MERCEDES Class S, he is told that it is the DGSN in person who now has the keys to the car. It is parked inside the DGSN. 

It is then that Yannick will meet Mbarga Nguele hoping that he will definitively take possession of his car after explaining the situation. Curiously enough, the DGSN asked him to go and get 6 million 200 thousand CFA francs. Arguing that it is a car bought at 6 million 200 miles by Joyce Mandeng and that it must be reimbursed. 

How could Joyce Mandeng buy a car without a gray cover and without all the vehicle documents? Where did the alleged seller, Mohamadou Iyah go? Nothing filters. However, the investigation at the gendarmerie revealed that Mohamadou and Joyce Mandeng know each other very well.

Yannick enters in anger, refuses to pay anything. He threatens to file a complaint. He was arrested by Commissioner Maeva Vincent de Paul and thrown into a criminal investigation cell for 8 days. He doesn't stop there; he intends to stop claiming his car. Otherwise, he will be sent to prison and poisoned. My God. 

Yannick decides not to let go and addresses several correspondences. One day, at 5 am, an unidentified individual is going to shoot him. Neutralized by the populations. He was arrested by the gendarmes who released him the same day without giving any explanations. To date Yannick has never found his car. 

The Republic of the Bad Heart.